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Korean J Gastroenterol 1981; 13(1): 57-62  
원저 : 소화성궤양의 치료에 관한 연구 : 공격인자 억제제와 방어인자 항진제의 합병투여의 효과 ( A Study on the Therapeutic Effect of Defensive Factor Promotors in Combination whth H2 Receptor Antagonist in Peptic Ulcer Treatment )
박영태 , 이종철 , 송인성 , 최규완 ( Young Tae Bak , Jong Chull Rhee , In Sung Song , Kyoo Wan Choi )
Published online: May 1, 1981.
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The purpose of this study was to evaluate the therapeutic effect of defensive factor promotors in combination with H, receptor antagonist in peptic ulcer treatment. A prospective study was conducted on the open trial basis with consecutive method of medication. Diagnoses of total 58 patients(gastric ulcer: 36, duodenal ulcer: 22) were confirmed by gastroduodenoscopy. The patients were assigned to one of the following 3 treatment groups. Group A: 25 cases, Antacids+Cimetidine+Cetraxate, Group B: 18 cases, Antacids+Cimetidine+Sucralfate, Group C: 15 cases, Antacids Cimetidine. Each patient was followed up at 6 th week of treatment, and the therapeutic effect was evaluated. The results were as follows: Healing rates of gastric ulcers were Group A: 58. 3%, Group B: 50. 0%, Group C: 58. 3% ,",nd Total: 55. 6fc. There was no significant difference of healing rates among the groups. 2) Healing rates of duodenal ulcers were Group A: 92.3%, Group B: lpp 0%, Group C: 100. O>o and Total: 95. 5%. There was no significant difference of healing rates among the groups. But there was significant difference between gastric ulcers and duodenal ulcers. Alove results and those of previous study were compared together, and they revealed that there svas no significant difference of healing rates among the following G therapeutic groups: Antacids Cimetidine, Antacids+Cetraxate, Antacids+Sucralfate, Antacids TECA, Antacids+ Cimetidine+ Cetraxate, anrl Antacids+ Cimetidine+ Sucralfate.

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