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Table. 3.

Changes in the Number, Level, and Duration of Stomachache

Treatment (n=19) Control (n=18) p-value p-valued

Mean±SD p-valuea Mean±SD p-valuea
The numbers of stomachache Baseline 3.68±2.14 3.44±1.58 0.7015b
2 weeks 8.45±4.52 0.0004e 7.67±3.90 0.0009e 0.6701c 0.5063
The level of stomachache Baseline 3.44±1.92 3.30±1.74 0.8266b
2 weeks 4.47±1.88 0.0143e 4.10±1.56 0.1623 0.7188b 0.4561
The duration of stomachache Baseline 27.79±20.57 35.11±48.35 0.5633c
2 weeks 69.26±59.75 0.0068e 76.64±55.72 0.0139e 0.6928c 0.8387

SD, standard deviation.

aCompared within groups; p-value for paired t-test; bCompared between groups; p-value for two sample t-test; cCompared between groups; p-value for Wilcoxon rank sum t-test; dCompared between groups; p-value for GLM adjusted baseline, gender, age, exercise, smoke, alcohol consumption and stress; ep<0.05

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