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Table. 1.

Previous Reports of Accessory Spleen Torsion and Infarction, Including This Case

Study Age Sex Symptoms Complications Size (cm) Location Treatment
Babcock et al. (1974)8 5 F Diffuse abdominal pain Infarction 4.5×2×1 Right lower quadrant Accessory splenectomy
Onuigbo et al. (1978)9 5 F Abdominal pain, vomiting Infarction 3 Right upper abdomen Accessory splenectomy
9 M Right lower abdominal pain Infarction (-) Right lower abdomen Accessory splenectomy
Hems and Bellringer (1990)10 75 F Poorly localised central abdominal pain, vomiting, constipation Torsion (-) Upper border of the pancreas Accessory splenectomy
Ko et al. (2004)7 5 M Left abdominal pain, fever Haemorrhagic infarction 3.5 Splenic hilum Accessory splenectomy
Sheth et al. (2018)11 20 M Left lower quadrant pain Infarction 7 Mesentery of the terminal ileum Accessory splenectomy
Yousef et al. (2010)12 12 M Left upper quadrant pain Infarction 3.5×2.5×2 Left upper quadrant adhering to anterior abdominal wall Accessory splenectomy
Ishibashi et al (2012)13 3 F Right flank pain, fever Torsion and infarction 7 Greater omentum Accessory splenectomy
Simon et al (2020)14 5 F Right upper quadrant pain, vomiting, fever, malaise Torsion and infarction (-) Right upper abdomen Accessory splenectomy
This case 30 M Left upper quadrant pain Infarction 6 Splenic hilum Accessory splenectomy

F, female; M, male.

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