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Table. 6.

Japanese NBI Expert Team (JNET) Classification for the Endoscopic Diagnosis of Colorectal Neoplasia246

JNET classification JNET 1 JNET 2A JNET 2B JNET 3
Vessel pattern Invisible Regular caliber Variable caliber Loose vessel areas
Regular distribution (meshed or spiral pattern) Irregular distribution Interruption of thick vessels
Surface pattern Regular dark or white spots Regular (tubular/branched/papillary) Irregular or obscure Amorphous area
Similar to surrounding normal mucosa
Most likely histology Hyperplastic polyp Low grade intramucosal neoplasia High-grade intramucosal neoplasia Deep submucosal invasive cancer
Sessile serrated lesion Superficial submucosal invasive cancer

NBI, narrow band imaging.

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