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Table. 5.

Kudo’s Pit Pattern for the Endoscopic Diagnosis of Colorectal Neoplasia238

Pit pattern classification Type I Type II Type IIIS Type IIIL Type IV Type Vi Type VN
Description Round (normal) pits Asteroid pits Tubular or round pits, smaller than the normal pits Tubular or round pits, larger than normal pits Branched or gyrus-like pits Irregular arrangement and sizes of type IIIS, IIIL, IV pit patterns Amorphous or non-structural pit patterns
Most likely histology Normal Hyperplastic polypSessile serrated lesion Adenoma Intramucosal carcinoma Adenoma Adenoma Intramucosal carcinoma Intramucosal cancerSuperficial submucosal cancer Deep submucosal cancer
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